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In-room varicose vein treatment now being offered at NQ Vascular!

17th November 2022

NQ Vascular is excited to now offer fuss free, in-room varicose vein treatment!

Recognizing the need for a minimally invasive, affordable solution to treat unsightly, unwanted varicose veins - all done within the time it takes to have
your lunch break, Dr Velu developed this quick and effective treatment, which means that patients no longer have to wait for hours in day treatment facilities and can walk-in-walk-out with minimal disruption to their daily lives.

Dr Velu brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to patient-centered care, and goes the extra mile to ensure that everyone receives the best possible outcome. As well as specializing in all areas of vascular disease, Dr Velu is pleased to offer this highly sought-after treatment for both insured and uninsured patients (which is usually done under local anaesthetic) and completed within the hour, allowing patients to go back to work on the same day.

Get your referral from your GP today!

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