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Australian First Procedure carried out in Townsville

8th October 2021

Dr Velu has been a pioneer in perfecting a new type of procedure right here in Townsville! 

Endovascular Aneurysm Repair (EVAR) is the procedure used to treat aneurysms. Occasionally even after treatment, the residual endovascular sac does not regress and can sometimes even get bigger due to a Type II endoleak.  The Transcaval approach for endoleak treatment is a unique, innovative approach to treating this problem. 

The Transcaval approach process, where the aortic sac is accessed from the IVC, is a straightforward and successful procedure in most cases and is done with minimal risk.  The Townsville University Hospital and Dr Velu were the first to perform this procedure in Australia more than two years ago.  So far, he has successfully treated more than a dozen patients and has proctored surgeons in other vascular centers to do the same.

The Transcaval procedure approach uses a special needle (TIPS) and micro-catheter which is inserted into the vein under fluoroscopy guidance, and an embolic agent (Onyx, coils) is used to fill the aneurysm sac.  In some patients, the offending vessel can be directly treated.   In most cases the patient only requires an overnight stay.

Dr Velu is excited to be able to bring this cutting-edge technique, and to North Queensland patients in terms of enabling family and support to be nearby and to grow the capability of our surgical teams.

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