Angioplasty / Peripheral Stenting

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During the angiogram should the surgeon decide that he is able to correct the blockage he may perform a procedure known as an angioplasty. This involves using the same needle access point already used for the angiogram. A small catheter with an expandable tip or balloon is then inserted into the artery and positioned over the area of plaque build-up causing the blockage and inflated to compress the plaque within the artery. If the surgeon is happy with the outcome this may be the end of the procedure, but at times the surgeon may decide that you also need to have a stent placed in your artery to achieve the best result for the blockage you have. In the same way the stent will be inserted and positioned in the artery to hold open the plaque so the blood can flow through. The stent is a small lattice shaped wire tube and will now remain in position permanently.

Day of Procedure

  • Admission on the day to hospital
  • Fasting for six hour prior to procedure
  • Blood test may be required the day prior


Post Procedure

  • Pressure will be applied for about 10-15 min to the puncture site, shorter if a closure device is used.
  • You will be asked to remain lying flat for 4 – 6 hours after which you can begin to mobilize gently
  • You will be discharged from hospital on the same day unless otherwise instructed.

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